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  • Google Analytics allows me to analyze website traffic and collect visit statistics. Anonymously counts, for example, how many subpages the user visits, how much time he spends on the site and from what region of the world. This allows me to analyze what content is the most interesting and attracts the most people, and this facilitates the further development of the blog and allows for better selection of content.

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  • On the DevDiary blog, some of these links may be so-called affiliate links. An affiliate link is a link thanks to which a company or a person whose subject or service I recommend on my blog knows that you have reached him / her / them thanks to me, in exchange for which I can receive some commissions. This has no effect on your purchases and product prices! 🙂 Information about your visit to my blog and clicks on the links is saved in your browser cookies. Of course, appropriate information will appear with each such link.

All these tools are used to contact the readers and to work on the blog. They enable website development. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me by email at piotr (at)