How to update forked repo with changes from main repository?

First of all you have to add new remote in your cloned forked repo

How to check folder size on Ubuntu?

To check folder size on Ubuntu you have to call the command below:

How to set folder name during cloning Git repository?

You want to clone repository to specific folder, for example because you have some naming convention on your disk.

How to autostart service when system wakes up in Ubuntu 18.04?

If you would like to have some service starting automatically when system is up, you have to call below command:

How to checkout remote branch?

For checkout remote branch you have to call git checkout command with --track flag.

How to configure DNS for GitHub Pages with custom subdomain?

The case The case is as follows: I bought a domain.

How to update submodules in Git repo?

If you would like to update submodules in your git repository, you have to call below command:

How to enable raw html in Hugo?

If you would like to add some custom html in Markdown file in Hugo, because for example you want to embed something, you have to add below lines in config.