2022 01 24 I01 How to Check Used Ports on Linux

To check on which ports the Linux server is listening, run the below command:

How to open port in built-in firewall on the RedHat machine?

To check the current state of the RedHat built-in firewall, you need to call the below command:

How to init submodules after cloning the repository?

If you cloned the repository where the submodules are used, you need to run the below command from the root of the repository:

How to add permissions to hard drives on Ubuntu?

If you want to add privileges to external drive for writing and executing, you have to call below command:

How to allow use not-system disks by applications installed via snap on Ubuntu?

If you will install application via Snap on Ubuntu and you would like to have an access to the data stored on not-system disks, you have to add special plugin which allow these applications on access to these disks.

How to schedule job on Ubuntu?

For scheduling job you should use Cron. It is a time-based job scheduler.

Syntax highlighting in LaTeX

First of all, you have to add new package to your document:

Latex: Addcontentsline break page numeration in table of content

In some of my documents I have the secion below:

How to synchronize folders' content automatically on Ubuntu?

To synchronize folders' content on Ubuntu you can use Rsync. It is a tool designed specially for that purposes.

How to reload kernel modules responsible for bluetooth on Ubuntu 18.04?

Bluetooth in my laptop from time to time crash. Restarting kernel modules could be useful to easy and quick fix it.